The business and financial worlds are in the midst of a revolution that is breaking down the barriers of time and distance, barriers that cost business millions of dollars. Consider that you can reach your target audience 24/7 and you begin to realize why the Internet is the single most powerful marketing tool in the world. The demographics of the Internet represent a huge market that consists of bright, educated people with credit cards and money to spend.

Having a professionally developed Web site gives your company an essential presence that reaches local, national, and international markets. With the phenomenal growth rate of users accessing the Web, the potential for business is very promising. Web pages can be used for electronic brochures about your company, on-line multimedia catalogs, product orders, technical support, customer feedback, etc. In today’s market, your customers expect you to have a Web site. Many people do not bother looking at phone book yellow pages anymore, but go directly to the Web to look for products and services. Whether you choose a simple site or a complex site, the time to promote your business on the Web is now!

The most powerful and complex sites are database driven web applications. Using a SQL Server or mySQL database on the backend, we give your site unsurpassed dynamic flexibility for applications such as e-commerce online catalogs, employment listings, press releases, sales rep listings, sports, etc. We can develop your database driven sites using ColdFusion, PHP, or ASP. In addition to attractive, graphic oriented Web designs we can enhance your site with JavaScript and Flash technology.

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